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Meet Kayla, Charleston, SC Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I’m Kayla, the woman behind the lens! I am based in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. It’s a dream that I get to be a photographer here. I’m first and foremost a mother to three beautiful daughters. God knew that I needed to have daughters so that I could teach them how to be courageous, brave, and loving humans. The world needs stronger women who know their worth and know they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. 

I found Boudoir photography through a journey within myself and also a love for empowering and helping others. It’s hard to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves, especially those of us who have been through so many battles, some of which no one knows exist. I like to bring an emotional connection and creative approach to my portraits. I am a chaser of light. I want you to have gorgeous images of yourself but I also want you to have images that make you feel something deep when you look at them. I want you to look back at these images with old wrinkly hands, opening your album again, and think, “Wow. I sure was something”. Your beauty, power, bravery, intimacy, uniqueness, and strength deserve to be documented. Meet me exactly where you are, you deserve this! Let’s create some magic. 

The Kayla Jenai Studios Boudoir Experience

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re “high on life,” feeling invincible and feeling you’re the most incredible badass who has ever lived? That’s what I create at my Charleston boudoir photography studio (that and luxury boudoir portraits, of course.)

At Kayla Jenai Studios, I provide an upscale experience from start to finish. I’ll chat with you in advance to get to know you, your style, and what has brought you to boudoir photography. When the day of your session arrives, you are the only priority of the day: I only book one client each day so I can give you my full attention.

If you choose to add-on professional hair and makeup (which I highly suggest), you’ll be treated to that on the morning of your session to bring out your greatest assets and help you access your inner supermodel side. Throughout your session, just relax and rely on my expertise. I’ll help you hit all of the amazing poses that will highlight your best side and show you what a glamorous queen you are.

I’m a full-service boudoir photographer, so I’ll guide you through every step of the process including putting your new portraits to use. That includes helping you decide how to display your custom artwork and handling all of the logistics for you.

Kayla Jenai Studios is all about treating you to a luxury experience from start to finish. Ready to feel like the woman you always knew you could be? Let’s chat!

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Here to inspire & create

Creating artwork that makes you feel powerful and helps you see yourself in a different light. From traditional Boudoir to a more creative approach, the ideas are endless. 

Your true self

When people ask me “Kayla, can I really look like the people in your portfolio”. YES. And even better than that because you are unique and unlike anyone else. I’m here to help you express yourself for who you really are. Let’s break out of that shell and document all of your awesomeness.

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